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By Sturat

The substances known as allergens are what cause allergies in individuals who are very sensitive to them. People’s allergic reaction to something as manifested by inflammation or allergies occurs when they inhale, touch or eat something that their bodies are not used to.

One out of three people either say that they have a food allergy or that they modify the family diet because a family member is suspected of having a food allergy. To diagnose food allergy a doctor must first determine if the patient is having an adverse reaction to specific foods. This assessment is made with the
help of a detailed patient history and a diet diary, The next step some doctors use is an elimination diet. Under the doctor's direction, the patient does not eat a food suspected of causing the allergy, like eggs, and substitutes another food, in this case, another source of protein. This technique cannot be used,
however, if the reactions are severe (in which case the patient should not resume eating the food) or infrequent.

Other popular allergic causes are pollens from flowers (this can be referred to as springtime allergy), moulds and dust. These 'triggers', known as potential allergens, may be animal fur and
dander, feathers, mites, house dust, pollen, cockroach droppings, insect stings, chemicals (like perfumes, and even our everyday cosmetics like shampoos and soaps!) and dyes, medication, synthetic fiber, and a huge variety of food and drinks. To address these reactions, the first line of defense is avoiding allergens that cause these allergic symptoms.

While many think of allergy treatment in the forms of over-the-counter inhalers, ointments and medication, others opt for the more natural way for allergy relief like an herbal supplement that would help eliminate the sneezing, the coughing and the itching. Right within one’s kitchen are ingredients to concoct an allergy home remedy without paying for the traditional drugs. Dealing with allergies is a serious matter
because allergies could be fatal when allergy treatment is not administered immediately. If you think your allergy is leading to Asthma symptoms you must seek medical advice. When people begin to take the natural approach to allergy treatment, chances are they might be embracing homeopathy, a disease-treatment system practiced for hundreds of years already. Some other forms of natural remedies are: Apitherapy, Applied Kinesiology, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Biofeedback, Bodywork, Buteyko, Chinese
Medicine, Color Therapy, Flower Essences, Gemstone Therapy, Herbology, Iridology, Macrobiotics, Meditation, Music Therapy and Naturopathy. Though there are those who claim that homeopathy doesn’t really work, others are quick to defend its efficiency. An herbal supplement is the better option to deal
with allergic reactions than those drugs that contain chemicals. There are known cases where certain individuals have allergy reactions to some medications. Others simply don’t want pills and injections for their allergy treatment. In this case, a home remedy allergy treatment would be fine. Using nutrition and vitamin supplements to build up your immunity strength makes common sense. I have found information
on a site contributed by Helene Malmsio to be really helpful in learning more about natural cures allergy treatment. For instance, he better your nutrition quality is, the stronger your body becomes to fight off the triggers that would otherwise cause an allergic reaction in the stressed and overwhelmed
immune system in the body.

Natural herbal supplement for allergies often use the Guarana herb as the chief ingredient to help reduce inflammation, as it has anti-histamine properties and is safe, effective and cheap and does not suppress the symptom of the allergy; rather, it targets the root cause of the problem that leads to the symptoms
of the allergy. You can make yourself a strong tea brew from the Guarana herb, either with the plant or from commercially made instant teas, or take guarana tablet supplements. So, natural herbal allergy relief is achieved in a simple and fast way.

You can also sometimes get allergy and hay fever relief by having a steam facial, as breathing in the steam helps to clean out the pollens from your sinuses, and the moisture can soothe inflamed tissues in your nose and eyes. Cool cucumber slices or cold wet tea bags can be rested on your eyes to help soothe
them. Keeping the house windows and doors closed in Spring time will also help, despite the temptation to let the mild warm breeze air out the house, that breeze will also bring pollen from all the new flowers and grasses.

If you need to work outside where you are exposed to the pollens, it would be advisable to wear a filter mask to clean the air you breathe. You also need to consider the other allergy triggers you may be exposed to like house dust, pet hair, chemical sprays and fumes, that need to be eliminated from your

There’s a range of complete herbal supplement available that are suitable to use as a self care strategy and allergy home remedy. These natural vitamin herbal supplements guarantee effective allergy relief. They can combat underlying problems for allergic causes minus the pills and injections.

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