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By Jami Goode

Don’t be confused. There are no studies concerning essential oils and wrinkles. The studies are about essential fatty acids or fish oil and wrinkles.

“Essential oil” is not the type of oil that moisturizes the skin. It is the concentrated aroma or “essence” of a plant. Flowers, leaves, resins, berries, seeds or fruit peelings are
used as the “raw” material for the fragrances. They are concentrated through distillation or by cold pressing, when the aroma of a plant is already strong, as it is with orange peel, for example. 

There are some studies that support the use of aromatherapy as an alternative medicine for uplifting the mood or relieving congestion. Eucalyptus, for example, has been used as a traditional remedy for asthma attacks. But, when it comes to essential oils and wrinkles, there would be no benefit. Applying them directly to the skin is actually hazardous.

The most recent study concerning fish oil and wrinkles showed a 10% improvement in firmness after three months of supplementation. A fine line or a wrinkle will fade as firmness improves and according to other clinical studies, you can get even more improvement, with a special nourishing cream that is applied directly to the face. I’ll come back to that in a moment, but first, let me explain why the relationship between
fish oil and wrinkles was studied.

The human body produces “sebum” to moisturize and protect the skin’s health. Sebum is composed primarily of “fat.” We don’t want too much fat in our diets, but most people don’t get enough omega 3 fatty acids. The best sources of omega3s are fatty fish,
like salmon. So, in the study, researchers sought to learn if firmness or oisture content could be improved through omega-3 supplementation. In other words, is there a connection between a lack of dietary omega3s or fish oil and wrinkles? The results
indicate that might be a factor.

Poor nutrition is a factor in most health conditions and the skin’s health is what we have to try and improve, if we want to look younger than we actually are. That’s why there is no
beneficial connection between essential oils and wrinkles. The essences have no nutritional value.

People get confused, because fatty acids are often referred to as “essential” fatty acids. When used in that way, the meaning is that the fatty acids must be obtained from food, they cannot be created within the human body.

“Non-essential” fatty acids are synthesized or created from other fats within the body. So, eating foods that contain the non-essentials is not a must.

There could be a connection between essential oils and wrinkles caused by allergic reactions, irritation or other damage. You see, these concentrated plant extracts are actually “toxic”. They can “kill” the skin’s cells.

In addition to learning more about fish oil and wrinkles, you might want to learn more about a protein peptide that has been shown in clinical studies to increase firmness by 42% in just 18 days. But, hopefully, this article cleared up any confusion about essential oils and wrinkles. Don’t use them on your skin!

About the author:
Jami Goode researches effective anti aging skin care products that protect and promote good health. Visit her site to discover the skin care products that Jami recommends.