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By Charlylou S.

Do you know how much difference your diet can really make to those painful arthritis symptoms? Find out more about top natural arthritis remedies, hints and tips. Feel those painful, stiff, joint pains gradually fade away...

Around this time of year, as the weather starts to get cold and damp, you might be starting to feel those old aches and pains rearing their awful head…

It’s tempting to reach for the pill bottle, but after a while, the pills won’t work … you need to find a natural remedy instead…and one that works really well!

Your aches and pains may be a symptom of arthritis. Did you know that there are more than a hundred different types of arthritis? So this diagnosis does cover quite an array of different conditions.

Arthritis, of any kind, is a swelling in the joint. This swelling and inflammation causes pain, stiffness, difficulty in movement, redness and heat.

It is not known precisely what causes arthritis. Some factors which may play a part are hereditary factors, diet and lifestyle, a previous injury, or stress on the joint, allergy, a viral infection or an immune disorder.

Of course, with so many different factors involved, this means it can sometimes be difficult to pin down the exact cause of your arthritis, or decide on the best remedy to choose.

Your diet is a good place to start. It is quite possible that aspects of your diet may be causing your arthritis ... or just making it worse. This might happen even if you normally eat a very healthy diet.

There are certain foods that should definitely be avoided if you have arthritis. Some of these are the ‘usual suspects’ such as refined and processed foods, sugar, salt, red meat and dairy produce. Drinks such as coffee, tea and alcohol should be avoided where possible ... and, sadly, chocolate too! Other
foods to be avoided are potatoes, tomatoes, aubergines, spinach, peppers and acidic fruits such as citrus fruits, rhubarb and strawberries. These, seemingly healthy, fruit and vegetables can actually have a very big effect on your arthritis symptoms.

The other foods which you should avoid, are any foods which you are allergic to. Take a simple test to discover the foods youmay be allergic to or intolerant of ... and then try cutting these out of your diet for a while. (You can find the hair analysis test I used on my website – just see the link at the end.)

Well that’s enough about what you can’t have…! What about the foods you can eat, and that are actually good for your arthritis. You will be pleased to discover that these do actually exist!

Of course, your diet should largely be based on the usual principles of a healthy diet ... boring maybe, but necessary ... you’ll feel so much better! This is a diet based on wholegrain cereals, and plenty of fresh fruit and veg. If you can include raw fruit and vegetables in your diet (such as salad), this will be even more beneficial.

Include a small amount of fish, chicken and eggs, and a small amount of goat’s milk products (if you are not allergic).

(not tinned!) pineapple (it is the fresh enzymes in pineapple you need, which are destroyed by long term storage). Also try fresh juices made from carrot, beetroot, celery and cucumber. Celery juice, especially, is thought to be very beneficial as a natural remedy for arthritis, so you should aim for drinking some every day.

Swapping your usual cup of tea, or coffee, for anti-oxidant filled green tea should also help to alleviate those painful arthritis symptoms.

Of course, your diet isn’t the only natural remedy for arthritis. There are lots of other options too. There is a whole range of supplements available, plus effective herbal remedies.

There are also the holistic remedies that many people swear by. These are treatments like acupuncture, yoga or t’ai chi, reflexology, osteopathy or chiropractic, aromatherapy and a whole array of relaxation remedies, as well as magnetic therapy bracelets. (I swear by magnetic therapy bracelets to help cure
my own aches and pains, again find out more on my website ... see the link at the end).

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