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By Paul Java

A Simple Test

Do you suffer from bloating, gas, or constipation? How about difficulty digesting foods, tired throughout the day, and a bloated tummy? All of these symptoms can be the result of toxins in your intestine and you may be in need of a good colon cleansing!

A Little History

Colon cleansing has been around for thousands of years across almost every known civilization. In ancient Egypt they even had a position for their 'chief physician' when translated more literal was 'keeper of colon health'. Even today, many of the older civilizations especially in Asia understand the importance of a healthy colon. This is where the famous saying comes from, "A healthy colon is a healthy individual." You would be foolish to overlook that importance your colon plays in your overall
physical health and well-being.

What is a Colon Cleanse?

A proper colon cleanse can be done in a variety of ways. Enemas, colon hydrotherapy, fasting, and herbal cleanses all serve the same purpose of getting rid of those deadly toxins in your system. One of the more widely accepted ways is herbal cleansing. Herbs are often more gentler on your system and intestines because they are all natural, also they have a unique and powerful way to travel your intestine and flush out anything that should not be there.

Is it really that important?

Believe it or not, a recent study should that roughly 30-40% of the US population has a parasite living inside of them. And in almost 90% of these cases, these parasites live and thrive in the colon walls. Yes, it can happen to you. Many times, stomach discomfort or bloating can be caused by these unwanted organisms.

Not only that, it has been shown that a good cleansing can help reduce acne, skin problems, brittle nails, and even your hair. Do you ever see a lot of Asians with acne problems? A lot of this has to do with their diet which aids in keeping their
system free of toxins.

The Importance of Diet

Just by changing some of the foods you eat can help keep your colon in good health and keep your system clean. Ever heard of the popular phrase: "you are what you eat?" Well this is so true! The American diet is far from perfect and is most likely to be loaded with fast foods, sugar, and processed foods.

Just by eating natural organic fruits and vegetables can do wonders for your health and weight. Some of the foods that are key to keeping your intestines clean are high in fiber. Foods high in fiber act like a bulking agent as it travels your intestines and collects toxins along with it. It is recommended to eat about 10 - 15 grams of fiber per day. Foods high in fiber are: beans, potatoes, carrots, leafy vegetables, whole grains, and organic fruits.

The Best Way

To be proactive for your health, a colon cleanse product can do wonders for your system and overall health. Bowtrol, was formulated for this specific purpose. It is a special blend of herbs to kill parasites and flush out toxins.

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