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Auricular Therapy

By Franchis Adam
Also known as ‘Hopi Ear Candling’, is a pleasant and relaxing therapy to ease away the stresses of our Western
culture. Acupuncture points on the external ear can be used to treat disease, relieve pain, and promote anesthesia. The technique is over 1,000 years old but has been further developed in both France and China in recent years. According to the principles of auricular therapy, each area of the ear corresponds to a different anatomical portion of the body. A large number of sites have been identified on the ear which become spontaneously tender or otherwise react to the presence of disease or injury elsewhere in the body. Researchers discovered that by introducing a small and precise amount of stimulus to the nerve endings on the exterior of the ear, smokers would lose their desire to smoke, with little or no withdrawal symptoms. During this period in the early 50's, smoking was quite popular, therefore, this research had little significance and was discontinued.

Points are located in the ear by pressing with a fine, blunt instrument to locate sensitive spots or by using an electrical sensor to find points that have a low resistance to electricity.

The point is then stimulated either electrically or with small conventional needles. The needles are kept in for about 15 minutes and manipulated every now and then. Alternatively, a small ring-needle or seed may be fixed to the point in the ear and retained for several days, providing continuous treatment lasting for a short period of time. These are held in place with small patches of adhesive bandage. The needles work in the same way as traditional acupunture, but the seed operates more as a mild form of acupressure.

Since there are over 120 points on each ear, they are very close together and, therefore, it is very important that they are located exactly in order for the treatment to be effective.

During treatment a dull or tingling sensation is generally felt in the ear, and sensation may also be lei in the affected part of the body.

Ear acupuncture is based on the idea that each part of the ear is a mirror of the body as a whole. Thereare for example, Kidney meridian points on the ear. As, result almost any ailment can be treated with ear acupuncture. Sometimes it is used together with body acupuncture, but some practitioners use ear acupuncture on its own for diagnosis and treatment.

What Conditions Can It Help?

Most chronic complaints can be treated effectively and simply with Auricular Acupuncture. Success rates can be as high as 95%. Here are just some examples: Anxiety - Arthritis - Asthma - Headaches - Hiatus Hernia - Indigestion - Swimmer's Ear - Hearing Loss - Reduce wax build-up

About the author:
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