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Healing & Manifesting -- Egyptian Style  

By Nancy Miiller

The Egyptian civilization and culture has been a fascination for me since art school and has continued through the expansion of my spiritual path. The Pharaohs themselves along with their monumental architecture and sculpture have been studied for numerous years. Having viewed and gazed at the statues of the Pharaohs, have you ever wondered why the Pharaohs stand with their left foot in front of their right foot, hands held to the sides of their body and parallel to the earth? Have you ever wondered what are the cylindrical objects held tightly in the hands of the Pharaohs as you gaze upon these magnificent sculptures? I certainly have and so did Count Stefan Colonna Walewski of Poland. He began his quest of studying the cylindrical objects and thus published a manuscript of his findings. His manuscript became available in the USA in 1955 after his death. What Count Walewski discovered by translating Egyptian documents are that the cylindrical objects held in the hands by the Pharaohs are Egyptian Healing Rods. These rods assisted the Pharaohs, Priests and Priestesses in strengthening energy flows within their body and assisted them in manifesting their future.

The rods were made, one of copper and one of zinc. The copper rod associated with the Sun, which is held in the right hand, brings in Yang energy or male energy. The zinc rod associated with the Moon, held in the left hand, brings in Yin energy or female energy. Placed inside the rods were various sized quartz crystals, which would be changed out as the Pharaoh advanced on his path of self-perfection, healing and/or energy balancing.

Today, the rods are created exactly as they were 3000 years ago and we can experience the same healing energies, as the Pharaohs experienced. There are three basic types of Rods: Rods-Kont, Rods-Quartz and Rods-Crystal. All three rod types allow healing to take place as the rods increase the flow of Chi in the body, opening the energy fields, and thereby stimulating the body's own natural healing ability.

The Egyptian Healing Rods have been scientifically studied since 1994 and have demonstrated that five minutes with the Rods is equal to thirty minutes of acupuncture. The studies have also shown: an enhanced immune function, a balance of male/female energy, an increase in vitality and when shared among couples the rods will harmonize the couple's energy. This is a loving way to complete your day with your partner; energetically aligned.

All of the Rods carry their own energy signature, meaning they are different frequencies of energy. The frequency of Rods-Kont can be used to alleviate stress and insomnia, while Rods-Quartz can alleviate exhaustion and fatigue. The Rods-Crystal frequency is best used for expanding consciousness and for manifestation.

Selection of the Egyptian Healing Rods is not difficult. It can be done through intuition of matching your energy or issue with a specific Rod, or you could use a pendulum. It is important to make sure that there is an energetic match at the beginning stages to allow your body to adjust. As time goes on you can hold the Rods for longer periods, as you expand, you can then experiment with Rods at a different frequency.

I love using the Egyptian Healing Rods; they are safe, simple and fun to use. I find them a great tool to enhance my meditation practice by increasing my focus and deepening my meditation. When I feel out of sorts, I use them to re-balance the male/female energies thereby, stimulating the flow of Chi in my body. Using the Rods before any of my yoga classes allows my body to be in better flow with the Asanas. Without a doubt, setting intentions and Egyptian Healing Rods go hand in hand for manifestation, no pun intended!

About the Author
Nancy Miiller is cofounder of Reconnect From Within a loving, supportive, spiritual resource center offering group teleclasses and one on one coaching based on the principles of A Course In Miracles. Nancy's background is in fine arts and has spent most of her career in the graphic arts field. As her spiritual journey unfolded Nancy has expanded her career into the healing arts field to assist and guide others on their own spiritual journey to peace and love. Nancy can be reached or at or she can also be reached by phone at 480-704-3095.

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