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By Diane Petrella, MSW

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When was the last time you celebrated your body? Have you showered it with praise lately? Do you honor it for all it does for you? Strengthen your relationship with your body and give your diet plan a boost! Celebrate "Honor My Body Day"!

Honor My Body Day is a special holiday just for you and your body. Designate a day to treat your body as your most precious priority, to talk to it lovingly, and to listen to what it needs. Committing to just one day of honoring your body will set in motion a pattern of positive self-care.

You’re counting calories, creating an exercise program, and monitoring the foods you eat. Congratulate yourself for your efforts! To reinforce those positive steps, or to get back on track after a slump, devote one day to focus special attention on your body. This brings a sense of fun into your weight release plan and gives your body the adoration it deserves. Feelings of self-hatred and alienation will lessen as you make a conscious decision to give your body undivided positive and loving attention. This will reinforce your weight release commitment, deepen your connection with your body and propel you forward.

Queen for a Day

Choose a day to be your own special Love My Body holiday. You may choose to do something extra special like going to a spa for a full day of pampering. Or you may simply keep to your daily routine.  What you do is less important than setting the intention to speak to your body with love and affection for a whole day.

For example:  As you awaken, tell your body you are committed to honoring its needs. As you shower in the morning say, “This is so soothing for you”. Plan a special physical activity or take a walk while saying to your body, “This invigorating movement is just what you need.” Eat healthy foods, and even a little treat, all the while acknowledging to your body how deserving it is of your attention. As you drink a glass of water say, “This water is so good for you.”

At various intervals throughout the day, tune in to your body, get quiet and ask it what it needs. Your body will answer by offering either emotional sensations or images in your mind. (But don’t worry - if you don’t notice a response, that’s ok. The more you practice tuning in to your body, the easier it will be for you to listen to what it needs.) And finally, at the end of the day, thank your body for all it does for you and give it the good night’s sleep it deserves.

When you celebrate Honor My Body Day you lighten your attitude about your weight release plan. You add a sense of cheerful devotion. Your body is a living, breathing organism with a consciousness of its own. It really does know how you feel about it. Like a special friend, it responds positively to your caring attention. Learn to connect with your body in this lighter way. Your body will love you for it.

How will you celebrate Honor My Body Day?

Diane Petrella, MSW is a psychotherapist, life coach and contributing writer to She helps women create a new relationship with their bodies by learning to live lightly....from the inside out! She can be reached at: or visit her website at:
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