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An Interview with Dr. Lawrence Quell
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I met Dr. Quell at his seminar entitled “Brain Fog”. He talked about getting rid of all the “critters” (toxins, stress, anything stressing the body) which frees up the energy that was surrounding it (negative energy) so there is more oxygen going to the brain, thus getting rid of “brain fog”. He invited the participants to a private consultation.  The following is the results of the consultation.

SOE:  One thing I noticed in your seminar is that you muscle test differently and more than anyone I have seen before. 
I do everything with muscle testing. There is some controversy around muscle testing.  People say, “Well, you can get any result you want with muscle testing.”  It means that you must test with integrity.  You need to test what is there and not make something be there that isn’t.   Or eliminate something that is because you want a certain outcome.  It’s a matter of integrity.  I will notice myself if I’m wanting a certain outcome for a person; I’ll stop testing.  I’ll step back.  I’ll breathe.  And then I will come back and re-test to see that I’ve got an accurate test. 

SOE:  Are there different systems of muscle testing?

Muscle testing is muscle testing.  I do an integrated approach.  I don’t take just one system and use it because I have several different systems that I put together. We have the Dawson program for the emotional piece of it.  We have the NET program; that’s another one.  And now we call it the “Launch Pad Balance” for lack of a better term, to test the muscles of the upper body/lower body.  See if they are on.  There are all these different factors that we could be testing for.  And then I incorporate another piece in there with the (David) Hawkins’ work, “Power vs. Force”.  He calibrates everything.  So he would say that “Christ Consciousness” would calibrate at 1000 and “dead” would be 0.  Anything under 200 would be negative. 

Say for example, you want to know where your culture is.  You can test a culture.  Like this culture, the American culture would is (he is muscle testing his fingers – index and middle finger on one hand) 200, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 7. 8, 9, 10, 11  – to 11.  Say we test the Russian culture – it’s 190, 1…………..9, 200, 1………7. So it calibrates fairly high, but it’s still a little bit lower than American culture.

SOE:  Would you please expand on this a bit?

We are using the quantum energy field.  The quantum field that is everywhere - all the time.  So you can go there instantly, any place.  But you have to be quiet enough to hear it. So if you don’t do meditation and prayer, you probably won’t be able to do this. 

I clear myself every day.  I don’t even get out of bed until I feel like I’m hooked on – I’m clear.  I think a lot of the doctors and healers do that.  I think you have to in order to really be a healer.  I mean, to let that energy flow through you and not just have your ego out there trying to do this stuff.   You need the ego, but it can’t be running the show.  It needs to be in second place.  Because it tells you, “Oh, I’ve got this fear.  I shouldn’t step out in front of this car.”  It’s not all bad.  We need it.  It measures things.  It keeps us alive, probably.  We just can’t let it run the show because it’s not connected to Source.  Our spirit is connected to Source. 

So where does the ego get its power?  Well, from you.  That’s why it makes you sick.  It says:  “I’m better than anybody else.  I think maybe I should have an empire and the empire should kneel to me.”  How many times have we seen that in the world?  Take your pick.  Look around right now.  What do you see out there?

SOE:  You talked about making small changes. It seems like there are so many things to remember.  How can a person remember it all?

Any time you start something new, it takes a while to integrate it.  Even small things take time to integrate because you have a mindset.  You have a paradigm you have been living in.  What we are saying is alright.  That’s OK.  But let’s make it a little bigger.  Let’s include some more things that work here for you.  So we were just having that discussion.  I know, alignment and you breathe that way, you are alkalizing the body.  Oxygen alkalizes the body.  It changes the pH.  It goes from acidic to alkaline.  You want your pH to be 6.8 – 7, maybe 7.2.  Right in there.  And a lot of people, if I test them with a tape over here, they are like 5.5.  Well, you think between 5.5 and 6.5 is only 1, but that’s a logarithmic number, it’s 10X more.  So if you had “1”, it would be 1000, the other would be 10,000.  It’s a huge jump.  When you think about the soft drinks we are pouring down our throats, they have a pH of about 2.5 or 3.  They are very acidic.  How many people are drinking that stuff? It can cause osteoporosis and every other thing you don’t want.  It’s an integrated thing.  I don’t think any one thing does it all. 

You have people with cancer; you have people who don’t have cancer.  And they might have similar lifestyles but how did that affect them?  Maybe affected one person negatively and didn’t affect the other one.  So how are you responding to what’s coming to you?  Maybe two people lost their mates.  One of them gets up and grieves a while and then moves on. The other one stays there, stuck in it, and they never get out of it.

Getting back to making small changes, I have been studying some CDs on Kaizen (Japanese philosophy of continuous incremental improvements).  It’s really fascinating.  To give an example, there was a product, I don’t know what the product was but they took it apart and examined it.  They realized they could put one less nail in it.  Well, that doesn’t sound like much, but if you have 1 million of these things, that’s a lot of nails.  One full step.  See, 2 drops of essential oil in lemon juice in the morning, how much could that drop of lemon and drop of peppermint and a tablespoon of lemon juice do?  What that does is cleanse your liver which processes everything that goes through your body.  All the blood goes through your liver.  If your liver is toxic, it cannot detoxify you.  If you don’t detoxify, then the toxins build up.  Then it looks like a disease down the road somewhere.  It looks like cancer.  It looks like arthritis.  It looks like whatever it looks like. 

SOE:  You are saying that when the blood goes into the liver, it can be cleaned.  But if the liver is diseased, the blood comes out diseased?

Yes, it comes out toxic.  It doesn’t go anywhere.  It just recycles and then pretty soon you are at that level.  I work a lot with the core beliefs that people have.  So for example, if you grew up and you heard bad stuff and you have all that stuff in your operating system, now you are going to put all this software in there that says, “Oh, I am successful.  I’m this.  I’m that.”  Well, it doesn’t work very good.  And people never look at the deeper piece.  It’s really what we are about here. 

And that’s how I formed this program I am calling ChiroCoach.  I’m putting everything I have done for more than 30 years into a package.  The idea behind this is people who really want to be successful.  Say you want to be an Olympic athlete.  Well, you need everything in your body and your mind working together.  So we have a system whereby we test the muscles to make sure they are all working.  And how would you know that?  You exercise, you think everything is working.  But when I muscle test people, that’s not necessarily the case.  In fact, most of the time, it’s not the case.  They may have an excellence at that level, but is that Olympic quality?  Or is that the best you could be?  I can align you.  I call it alignment.  We are going to look at the spinal alignment, the emotional alignment and the nutritional alignment.  And we include your own input and goals.  What would you like to work on today?

SOE:  The breathing problem.  The lungs.

Yes.  So what does that mean to you?  Breathing.

SOE:  Breathing.  Life, more energy.  Life and energy. 

You need more energy?  So, if you could have more energy that would be useful for you?  So let’s do some work with you.  (We are moving to the massage table).  If you are leaning forward and your shoulders are coming forward, there are a couple of things that I notice.  (He noticed my legs were uneven by an inch.) It’s as if you are walking on a curb now with one leg.  If there is a problem, we can fix it. 

Now we are going back and we are using what we call is called an activator.  Now your low back is aligned.  That vertebra goes to the heart, too.  And when the vertebra is out of alignment, the rib is out of alignment, too.  So we re-align those.  Misalignment of vertebrae and discs may cause irritation to the nervous system and affect the structures, organs and functions.  I use an instrument called an activator.  The spine goes from the skull clear down to the coccyx.  When you say “atlas” (the first vertebra) you think headache, eye problems, things like that.  Axis is the second vertebrae down, you think sinus.  Middle of the neck, you would think of the arms or that area.  Lumbar, the 5th lumbar, is low back pain, heel pain, leg pain, back pain, sciatic pain. All those kinds of things.  Thoracic area, where the ribs are, you think about breathing, you think lungs, heart, stomach, those type of things.

Frequency Generator

SOE:  What is this machine called?

This machine is simply a frequency generator.  It’s a “zapper”.  And these are called hand grips.  Say you have a low back pain that won’t go away.  We determine that that’s where problem is, and so I’ll put one of the hand grips right on the back and one right on the front so again the current goes right through there.  When we have that kind of situation, what we want to do is look at the nutrition and various other factors that might be causing stress. 

SOE:  One thing you talked about a lot in your seminar was L-form bacteria.  Can you explain that in more detail?

L-form bacteria are tiny bacterial forms without a cell wall that can morph into other forms such as fungus (Candida) and viruses.  Antibiotics will not kill L-form bacteria because they have no cell walls.  Since they have no cell wall and they are so tiny, they can hitch rides inside normal cells (such as red blood cells), cross the blood brain barrier and then re-colonize when the timing is right.  The outcome can be both brain fog and chronic fatigue.  Traditionally, there may not be much help in treating these L-form bacteria.  However, in the world of alternative medicine, there is treatment available – the essential oils.  Blends have been created which can limit these bacteria in their original and alternative forms.

SOE:  You are the third chiropractor I have interviewed, and you all offer something completely different.  Medical Doctors seem to have to walk a very narrow, straight line, dictated by the AMA.  It seems that chiropractors are able to augment their schooling with many various teachings and create a completely unique way of treating people. Why is that?

We have the basic understanding of the spine and the nervous system that we all use.  And that can be adjusted.  But I think individually, our personalities and how we approach healing, that’s all part of it and so that’s close for each of us. The mechanistic opposed to the vitalistic approach.  Something that will make this more clear is “The Truth”  by B.J. Palmer, D.C., Ph.C., the developer of the science of Chiropractic.

The Truth

“We Chiropractors work with the subtle substance of the soul.  We release the imprisoned impulse, the tiny rivulet of force that emanates from the mind and flows over the nerves to cells and stirs them into life. We deal with the majestic power that transforms common food into living, loving, thinking clay; that robes the Earth with beauty, and hues and scents the flowers with the glory of the air.

In the Dim, dark, distant long ago, when the sun first bowed to the morning star, this power spoke and there was life; it quickened the slime of the sea and the dust of the Earth and drove the cell to union with its fellows in countless living forms.  Thru aeons of time, it finned the fish and winged the bird and fanged the beast.  Endlessly it worked, evolving its forms until it produced the crowning glory of them all.  With tireless energy it blows the bubble of each individual life and then silently, relentlessly dissolves the form, and absorbs the spirit into itself again.

And yet, you ask, “can chiropractic cure appendicitis or the flue?’  Have you more faith in a spoonful of medicine than in the power that animates the living world…?”    B.J. Palmer

SOE:  I would venture to say that chiropractors are the healers of the future. 

If you want to get well, it will be. Dr. Lawrence Quell
Lawrence A. Quell, D.C. is a licensed chiropractor in Denver, Colorado.  He specializes in the use of advanced chiropractic techniques, including Bio-Physics, Applied Kinesiology, Activator Methods, Bio-Kinetics, Nutrition, Energetic Pulse Testing and NET (Neuro Emotional Technique). His continued studies over the years have allowed him to accumulate knowledge to do treatment of the whole person and not just the specialized parts.  This holistic approach is based upon the philosophy that “the mind creates the body” so healing occurs from the inside out, rather than from the outside in.  Dr. Quell is the author of the book and tape set, “How to Activate Your 12 Personal Powers of Life and Balance.  He has developed and taught “Financial Alignment”, a seminar which is unique in the field of seminars.  Dr. Quell has been a guest speaker before numerous groups and clubs throughout the Denver metro area, speaking on the subjects of health and wellness care.  ( (303) 692-8655