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"Unconditional Love brings about Inner Peace"

By Shawn M. Rill

Unconditional Love opens us up to a new way of being that allows us to feel a greater sense of inner peace, freedom, and connection with the rest of the world.

It is a way of loving without any assigned conditions, such as wanting someone to be, feel, or act as we wish them too. Or expecting someone to do, feel, or say something towards us in return for our love towards them. There is no fear of rejection, no anticipation of hearing those three little words, or any control over how someone else lives their own life. The one and only experience, thought, and feeling that we encounter when sharing Unconditional Love with another... is Unconditional Love. We love, simply, for the expression of love.

The way a mother a child have an innate connection. The excitement our pet shows on their face as they run towards us. The way an elderly couple take care of one another, even in light of any mental or physical debilitating health. The way we feel in the deepest part of our Being when we sit alone and connect to the Divine/God/Nature/Spirit.

To share Unconditional Love with another, we must first harvest it for ourselves. We cannot share our glass of water with a friend, until we have the glass of water to begin with. When we free ourselves of fear, judgment, need, desire to control, expectations, and resentment, we allow a space for Unconditional Love to breath. Through meditation, breathwork, affirmations, and other tools, we can release that which is no longer serving us in our lives. That which keeps us from growing, shifting, becoming... we may release. And in it's place, we shall fill up with Unconditional Love and share it with the world. When we sit with another and pass Unconditional Love onto them, and they receive and pass Love Energy back to us, then, both of our energies are amplified.

Walk up to a friend, family member, pet, or stranger and give them an unexpected hugged... and then watch what happens. Unconditional Love makes positive shifts in the lives of all it touches; profoundly changing your own life and filling it with inner peace, freedom, and a greater feeling of connection to the
world around you.

It is the greatest gift that you could give yourself, or another. Let your presence light the way... one heart at a time.
Now, let's begin with yours... Unconditional Love

About the author:
Shawn is an Online Advice Columnist, Life Coach, and Healer. Her website is

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