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The Wholeness Of Being and NLP

By Wilbert Molenaar

The wholeness of your being is shattered throughout life. Depending on your decisions based on the emotional and not so emotional events, it can be shattered a lot or just a little bit. And by the way that's a normal process. From our perspective the meaning of life is creating wholeness again. And in that journey attaining your goals.

When you were born you were born into wholeness. Your core, the deepest of your being is so pure, there's no judgment of the world and therefore no judgment of yourself. Eventually during your life you start building your ego structure, that is your way of dealing with the cards that you have been dealt. And eventually people believe that's who they are. They become their structure. They believe that's who they are. Stuck, set in stone, forever moulded. And they belief that so hard and definitely there's no other way of dealing with the cards that have been given to you.

You know in life it's actually not about the cards that you have been given. It's what you do with those cards that make you happy, balanced, worthy and so forth. So during your life little crisps are forming in to separate entities. In Neuro Linguistic Programming we call these entities parts.

So every human being has all those parts inside their self. And all these parts have their own way of expressing themselves. Some you experience as being nice, some as being irritating or plain awful. Those parts can appear as sublime messages through inner feelings, inner voices, images, smells or tastes. We all have them.

From a wholeness perspective your alignment or wholeness would benefit immensely if you are able to bring them back to your core again. To transform them back into your unified field of being. Without going to deep into the underlying theories and framework can you imagine if those parts would be integrated into wholeness again?

What that would mean for your focus, your effectiveness? What would happen with self sabotage, the critical voice and the results you would be able to create? Wouldn't it be awesome if you were able to create what you want to create without any interference from the insider?

WOW, that would be fantastic

About the author:
Wilbert Molenaar is an Executive Life Coach in Perth, Australia who uses NLP TrainingTechniques to maximize desired change.
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