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Jennifer Wallens

As a practicing Psychic Medium & Energy Healer, Jennifer provides evidential information from deceased loved ones and animals to hopefully provide comfort and counseling. She talks to those who have crossed over, as well as her spirit guides and yours to give the messages they wish to relay through clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.

As a Spiritual Healer and Energy Therapist, Jennifer is able to direct healing energies and receive information from Spirit for you. On a psychic level, she can possibly relate information regarding your aura, physical condition, life situations, job, spiritual assessment, relationships, family, finance and future trends. Private Readings, Spirit Portrait Auragraphs, In-Person Readings in Franklin/ Oneonta, NY. Email Readings, Phone Readings, and Group Readings/Galleries are also available by appointment.

P.O. Box 173
Franklin, NY 13775
(615) 633-6103

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