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Insomnia Causing Stress and Anxiety: "Let Reiki Help"

By Margaret Ann Jones

Insomnia can ultimately cause depression, anxiety, and fatigue, especially if you have a Chronic Condition. Reiki assists with all conditions, the person who is ill will worry about the illness and thus this is how the catch 22 situation arises. Worry - uptight - pain, both physical and mental. No sleep, no relaxation - anxiety, fatigue, depression.

Reiki relaxes the body and the mind - a relaxed body helps to ease worry. You completely relax, giving much more comfort to the person with the chronic condition. Helping them to feel stronger and more in control. Whatever the condition - complete relaxation helps with stress and the anxiety that stops us sleeping. For when we sleep our own immune system starts to work
to our ultimate benefit. That is one of the most wonderful benefits of receiving a Reiki healing.

Reiki is quite an extraordinary force. Each healing experience is different for each of us. It is a holistic form of treatment for the whole body mind and spirit. it is completely effective and safe. There are no contraindications with any Reiki treatment.

On a mental and emotional level anxiety (the one thing that seems to make sleep imposable,) is reduced, our sense of well-being is increased, and another level of relaxation can be felt. At this degree of deep relaxation, a re-balancing of energies can occur and the natural healing of the body is enhanced. This is why Reiki is known as a non-intrusive, hands-on form of natural healing.

The Reiki energy focuses precisely on the life power,or uncontaminated, wholesome energy, By means of the channelling force from us to the recipient, the distressed areas undergo revitalization with positive thoughts and feeling.This revitalisation is nothing else but 'Life Force'. The entire beneficial amount of positive thinking and feelings, conveyed to the recipient translates into light. This light multiplies the flow of the Reiki life energy. In this manner, life force runs more rapidly, but more calmly and consistently, encouraging a more relaxed sleeping program.

Reiki is a particular type of delicate energy transfer. This works when the Reiki Therapist places his or her hands on or just above the body of their patient. In this way, a relationship takes place between the patient and an immeasurable spring of life energy. The energy runs through the Reiki Practitioner - he/she is the channel, the energy path. This sort of force is an exceptionally potent one, yet is is incredibly kind and soothing. One can lead it both towards oneself and towards others.

The healing light/vibration is drawn from the Universal Life-Force and is therefore multi-level. Reiki will awaken your body, mind and spirit to a more relaxed and restful lifestyle.

Reiki accelerates the body's natural ability to heal itself and brings a wonderful feeling of peace and well-being. We all know how we feel after a good nights sleep, restored and relaxed, and how we feel drained and zombie-like if we have a broken night, for whatever reason. You can put all that behind you with Reiki Healing Energy.

About the author:
Margaret Ann Jones. Click the link now and start finding out how to get a good nights sleep at last. Sign up for my Reiki insights, and learn some simple ways to help your stress.

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